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We work with two innovative and proven online tools, tailoring them to the profile of each student


EUREKA Training Solutions is the official distributor in Europe of SpeedLingua and also English Attack

With these partnerships we are able to equip our clients with ground-breaking language-learning technology


This patented software, 

gives you exclusive access to the “keys” of oral comprehension and communication in 12 languages*

Did you know? Each language has its own “sounds” - we’re not all on a level playing field when it comes to learning foreign languages.


Patented software programme, SpeedLingua Web is a key element to improve our communication and listening skills in 12 languages.


This innovative technology takes into account the differences in frequency between different languages and modulates the student’s voice in real time!

Each language has its own dominant frequencies

For example, the dominant frequencies in French are rather low while those in English are higher up on the scale. This helps explain why French speakers can have such a hard time understanding and speaking the language of Shakespeare!


If you can’t hear the sound of a language, you can’t reproduce it, no matter how hard you try.


This is where SpeedLingua comes in!

We’ve spent the last 10 years perfecting an online solution based solely on improving oral comprehension and communication. No vocabulary, no grammar; all you have to do is listen and speak.


How does it work?

To start with, your ears are trained by listening to music filtered in a specific range of frequencies. Like warmup exercises for a fitness class, this exercise gets your ears used to frequencies which they’re not used to hearing, and allows you to gradually get accustomed to hearing the sounds of the target language.

In other exercises, you train by listening to native speakers and repeating back what you’ve heard.

With SpeedLingua’s technology, your voice is filtered into the dominant frequencies of your target language and played back through your headset in real time!

The various exercises (phonetic, daily life, work situations) cover all of the different sounds used in the target language. Starting with simple words, the diverse content allows you to practise speaking in situations that you will encounter in real life, based on precise objectives, using relevant expressions and turns of phrase.

After using SpeedLingua for as little as ten hours, not only will your comprehension improve, but also your pronunciation, rhythm and retention. But most of all, while progressing quickly you will start to take pleasure in speaking your new language.


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Our 12 languages: English UK, English US, French as a foreign language, French as an integration language, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese from Brazil, Dutch, Dutch from Belgium, Russian and Chinese.

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The most fun way to learn English!

It’s always more enjoyable to learn while having fun – and that’s why we offer this innovative learning platform: English Attack


Choose videos from a large selection of films, TV series, news stories, documentaries, music videos, and more…


Cultivate your general language skills through different activities and games that focus on your written and oral comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar


English Attack is based around three types of content: videos with activities, visual dictionaries and games that help you memorise irregular verbs


English Attack is available on computers, tablets, and smartphones


The activities offered are varied and entertaining
to keep your motivation at its highest


New videos are added every week!


Got a free 15 minutes? Log in to English Attack!

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