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Eureka guarantees a ROI (Return on Investment) and ROE (Return on Education) for every one of the training services we offer


The EUREKA's add values









Turnkey solutions tailored to your needs and adjusted to your budget

Educational engineering’s integration

Analysis of your business activities and definition of your needs


of customised programs for your employees

Presentations within your business to “kick off” the program and get the students motivated

Individual tracking of each student

Reporting of the progress of each student at a frequency determined in consultation with your HR department

Best Blended Learning UK


Our training package is made up of several different learning tools and models, together constituting a mixed or hybrid training program otherwise known as “Blended Learning”



At EUREKA, we don't simply

combine different learning models together


That is obviously not enough

Our added value is our ability to harness the power of technology to enrich the traditional face-to-face learning experience


The learner’s engagement is key. They need to be receptive in each of the modules, which train both the theoretical and the practical aspects of the language


The teacher acts as a coach, accompanying the student throughout the learning process

An educational coordinator is also appointed for each target language, adding another layer of monitoring for each student


Our challenge is to ensure that each “Blended Learning Formula” helps the student reach new milestones on their linguistic journey

Coaching of the student

by the teacher

Comprehensibility of the package and the way its modules complement one another

= Stimulating course material

Quality of the content and relevance to the objectives

= serious student engagement


Right from the start, I had to deal with the challenge of communicating in a bilingual environment, so languages became a part of my life from very early on.

At the end of my school years came the time to tackle another language: English, driven by a thirst for culture and music. Later, the desire to open myself up to further opportunities internationally led to me to learn an additional two languages.


I had the opportunity to work in publishing in the education sector; and in the early 2000s, my desire to work with new technologies was fulfilled. I was offered to take part in an extraordinary adventure: SpeedLingua!

This incredible and innovative tool which I truly believe in (especially given the hundreds of thousands of people who have since used it all over the world) has allowed us to share our experiences with training institutes and organisations such as the Alliance Française, the Institut Français and top universities such as Sciences Po and Polytechnique, throughout Belgium, France and Switzerland.


We have together invented the Blended Learning, constructed of innovative and efficient educational programs allowing students young and old to make incredible and rapid progress, thanks to the teachers who integrate our high-tech technology into their courses and teaching methods.

From China to Brazil, passing through South Africa, teachers have opened their doors to this hybrid learning method, a gateway between the digital and the face-to-face.

So to all our partners, colleagues, and teachers - first of all a big thank you! 15 years of partnerships and innovation in education.

We will continue to work at bringing together the latest developments in neuroscience and technology in the years to come to help our students reach even greater heights.


In this fast-paced 21st century, I’m proud to have succeeded in creating a “School 2.0”, 100% distant learning, with individual and personalised monitoring of each student by our teachers and our coaches.


Thanks to Lynda and Antoine, my partners without whom the dream never could have become a reality.

And especially thanks to the EUREKA team, you’re a great team, I love you! Thanks for your support around the world.

And to you, future partner or student, at EUREKA, everyone is welcome.

All of our services are tailored to your needs and to the objectives you wish to achieve.

It’s with this in mind that we focus our efforts on developing the ideal solution for you.

Our team is at your service to respond to any question you may have and even to offer you a live demo!


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Cécile PIRES

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