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Welcome to our digital school, accessible 24H/24 AND 7D/7!

There’s always a time slot available for every employee

adapted to their agenda, without them even having to leave their office.


With EUREKA Live!, your employees will benefit from:

- a videoconferencing platform, allowing the teacher to share support material and to accompany your employee throughout the course with an interactive dashboard

- a custom-made program taking into account the employee’s responsibilities, their language level, and their specific goals and needs

- a choice of different native speaker instructors selected according to the needs and level of each student

- a dedicated coach appointed for each target language, who coordinates the teachers and maintains the quality of their respective courses, providing additional monitoring

- a flexible reservation system, there’s always a teacher available at any time with timeslots of 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, and more

- an internal messaging system within the platform to facilitate communication between student and teacher

-flexible cancellations (a minimum of only 24 hours’ notice)



Individual sessions with the instructor, recommended for beginners

These courses can take place on our premises or within your office



A language audit allows us to evaluate the employees’ skill levels, and includes both written and oral tests.

It takes place at the beginning of each of our courses to help determine the personalised training program custom-made for each student

The audit can then be redone at the end of the course to evaluate the progress made.

We can also perform standalone audits of your employees to determine your training needs.



With the student’s needs in mind, we’ve handpicked the best online solutions:

-For spoken skills: SpeedLingua Web

-For general skills: English Attack


In England, Germany or Spain, your employees will be completely immersed in the language

The method used is based around the use of the language in a real-life context, with a priority on oral production

In both individual and group environments, immersion expands vocabulary, helps the student speak “automatically”, and places the language in a real-life context with the use of roleplay. 


The cultural and “everyday life” activities acted out throughout the program foster spontaneous and natural conversation, the capacity to understand different accents, and the ability to put the learnings from the course into practice. 



To register your training with the CPF or simply to have it recognised on the job market, EUREKA Training Solutions can help you get a certification recognised all over France

Several certifications are available

Certification is generally reserved for training courses eligible for the CPF but can also be arranged for anyone according to their needs :

  • Recruitment

  • Business school entrance examinations

  • Identification of your future training needs


How to make the right choice? It all depends on the target language and your objective in obtaining the certification

EUREKA is a certified BULATS examination centre

The BULATS (Business Language Testing Service): a test that evaluates language competency in a professional environment, created by Cambridge English

The BULATS is an evaluation test for English which offers you an internationally recognised certification for the professional market and the CPF

3 good reasons to choose BULATS :

  1. The test evaluates both written and oral comprehension

  2. The BULATS test has been created in alignment with the levels of the CECR, the international standard of language levels recognised in France and throughout the world

  3. The BULATS Online is the most reliable test on the market due to its adaptability: the questions are carefully formulated to measure your level. In addition, it truly tests your language ability in a business environment, with 75% of the content being devoted to this theme


We strongly advise you to prepare for your exam as much as possible to increase your chances of getting the best possible result

EUREKA can accompany you throughout the whole process, from the initial preparations to the completion of the exam

We offer targeted courses designed specifically to prepare you for the BULATS exam


You would like to obtain a different certification?

EUREKA also offers exams in public sessions throughout France :



  • DCL

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