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Pierre-André C.

"I am working my English !
It's very hard for me but it is necessary for my job."

Abderrahim B.

"100% satisfied !"

Kari T.

"I do think SpeedLingua helps. My r's are so good and I'm starting to be aware of the different mixed vowels."


Yunyun K.

"Perfect tool to learn French for me, I love it !"

Necati G.

"Very well, I'm satisfied with the program"

Mary Ellen H.

"I have mostly been very pleased with Speedlingua. It sometimes felt very difficult, but with persistence, I began to see improvement."



Since Speedlingua exists, Call International, a language and communication training center in Belgium, has been an enthusiastic supporter of this computer program. We only reproduce what we hear well. So no communication possible in a target language if the ear does not pick up the sounds of this language. This is our creed! SpeedLingua works on opening the ear to foreign sounds. What this program does, no human being can do (audio-phonatory loop, real-time correction of pronunciation). It does not replace the human being either. Hence the need to combine the two approaches in a homogeneous way. Our Speech Power program does it. It is a short program with ambitious goals, such as doubling the learner's progression between the beginner and intermediate levels, for example. To this agonizing question: "I studied this language in vain for hundreds of hours. Is there nothing in the 21st century that allows me to finally converse spontaneously in this language? "We can answer today:" Yes, the Speech Power program, which combines SpeedLingua with our interactive pedagogy. In fact, there is no alternative without SpeedLingua. "


                                                                                       Patrick Wauquier

                                                                                       Call International

Present since about twenty years in La Rochelle, we work primarily with employees (TPE, SME, Multinational, TNS ...) but also Students, job seekers or individuals in our beautiful region! It seemed essential to us to further enrich our Blended offer in 2014, by proposing an innovative tool and in total connection with our oral method, without grammar lessons, and with tailor-made linguistic backgrounds!


So we met the EUREKA team to create a partnership! We have our own internal e-learning tool in the global inlingua network. This tool makes it possible to work mainly on sequences of writings ... Our blended consisted then of iOL + presential ... It seemed important to us to use a modern and innovative tool, allowing to treat themes that can not be approached in a "deep" way during our face-to-face sessions, and on our own tool: Oral fluidity, significant improvement in concentration and language perception, rhythm, and accent enhancement!


inlingua is also a specialist center for language tests and diplomas, and regularly prepares preparations for different exams! The results observed on the increase of points in tests and diplomas during a blended with SpeedLingua are unequivocal ... Of course the increase is largely perceptible on the oral comprehension ...


Other benefits: In long-term training it is important to have a wide variety of teaching aids: combining SpeedLingua with our on-site iOL + tool is the ideal solution. Our team: an internal increase in the skills of each trainer, which are highlighted through the follow-up, the first start session and the "creation" of tailor-made courses, in total connection with our method.


Our customers and partners who have already used SpeedLingua are asking us for a similar formula for a continuation of a stage or a progression in a new language ...

Michael Labeyrie

inlingua Poitou-Charentes


"The French Institute of Languages ​​and Services has always had the desire to teach languages ​​differently. Our goal is to offer "made to measure" by developing new methods or pedagogies, always innovating. Being aware of this ear problem to learn foreign languages, I wanted to discover the SpeedLingua process in 2008 in Expolangues. I can say today that this meeting with the whole EUREKA team was the beginning of an incredible partnership. The "must" of SL Web: ability to create personalized courses with the ability to modify or create your own exercises from existing content. be able to adapt each person's path according to their level, their difficulties and their needs. to be able to better integrate SLweb into our training programs.

For IFLS, SLweb is an indispensable tool. Our teachers, themselves, see its effects every day. "

Valérie Raspaud


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